Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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Summer time in Interlaken

What can you do during your summer holidays in Interlaken?

Summer is soon coming to knock at our doors and we are super excited about it.

Interlaken, in the summer, is the best destination for all the fresh-air lovers and outdoor sport passionates. With his two crystal clear blue water lakes surrounded by majestic mountains, it is THE place for the adventure seekers.

Here is a sneak peak of all what you can do in Interlaken during summer!

Summer in Interlaken is the best season for:

Summer is the peak season for all the water sports and adrenaline activities. Early on, you will be surprised by the pureness and the turquoise color of lake Thun and Brienz. Spending your day, simply by chilling with some friends near the lake is already near perfect. But did you know that you can also rent standup paddle boards and pedalos? Get moving and explore the greatness of mother Earth.

If you are looking to have an even more thrill day, Interlaken during summer season is the prefect place to experiment canyoning and river rafting. There is different rivers and different levels to suit everybody’s needs. So no excuse, you have to try it, once and for all…

summer interlaken canyoning picture by outdoor Interlaken

Did you know you could fly like a bird, just a few clicks from Interlaken? A couple of kilometers from town, you can find sunny slopes that are ideal for paragliders at Beatenberg-Niederhorn. Summer in Interlaken is also the best time to go beyond your limits and enjoy the rush of a lifetime by bungy jumping. Are you game?

summer activities interlaken paraglidingPicture made by vvsangvv

The region of Interlaken is also the paradise for hikers of all ages who will surely enjoy a huge network of walking trails. If you are lucky, you even have a chance to see some ibex, chamois and marmots. Who is up for a hike?

summer hikking interlakenPicture by iamokaayee

Check here to see all the activities available during the summer time in Interlaken

Balmers Tent village !!!

Oh! We almost forgot… In June, our famous campground will be open again for all summer. We offer a wide range of accommodation types there to fit your style. Whether you are looking for some romantique glamping (glamping = glamour+camping), meeting new friends or want the cheapest accommodation possible, we have what you need. We offer relaxed style accommodation from private doubles, triples, and dormitory walk-in tents or if you have your own tent, you can pitch it in next door and use all the facilities of the Tent Village (showers, barbecue, hot tub, hammocks, swimming pool and much more).

Sweet isn’t it ?

balmers tent village summerPicture by littlebeanbigworld

Are you ready to have the best summer ever ?
-Love, Balmers –


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