Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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+ 41 33 822 1961

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How to get to Balmers from Interlaken Ost Station

Reaching Balmers Hostel from Interlaken Ost Station

You have just arrived in Interlaken, by train at the Ost Station, and you don’t know how to get to the most amazing hostel on the planet? Let us introduce you to your next home away from home, best of its kind, Balmers Hostel 😉  Please, follow the guide and enjoy the best adventure and outdoor holiday you can find in Switzerland…

Here is the fastest and easiest way to find Balmers Hostel from Interlaken Ost station


Great News! If you need, you can even save this amazing map on your mobile phone by following this link: Ost Station to Balmers Hostel

Step by Step from Interlaken Ost Station to Balmers Hostel

Now check out our step by step guide on how to get to your favourite hostel by foot:

interlaken ost station

Step 1. This is what Interlaken Ost station looks like.

coop ost station interlaken

Step 2. Get outside of the station and take the street in front of you, named Allmendstrasse. Follow this street.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-21 à 17.29.32

Step 3. Once you have reach the roundabout, cross the street and keep going straight.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-21 à 17.33.35

Step 4. Keep walking on Allmendstrasse.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-21 à 17.37.50

Step 5. When you get to this big roundabout, you can see a restaurant pizzeria “Tenne”, take the street on the right (where you see the white truck on the image above). You will then be on a street named Oelestrasse.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-21 à 17.44.57

Step 6. Stay on Oelestrasse until you get to this funky intersection. Here take the street in front of you. There is also a small yellow sign indicating Balmers Herberge (Balmers Hostel in german) on your right. Please note, that this is a shortcut that will make you arrive from the back end of the hostel. If you plan on arriving in the evening, the gate will be close. So, we suggest you to follow this other way (street in front of you).

Capture d’écran 2017-02-21 à 17.55.30

Step 7. Walk then on Kesslergasse until you reach the next big intersection. You are almost there, more than half of the way is done !! Whoop whoop.


Step 8. At the intersection, you can see a parking lot on your right. It is the parking of the supermarket COOP Matten.
Here you should turn right.


While staying at Balmers Hostel, you can go grocery shopping here. They are open all year round from 8:00 am to 8:00 am. Convenient!


Step 9. At the end of the street, you can see the RAIFFEISEN ATM. Turn on the right. You are almost there.. one minute remaining


Step 10. If you walk 50 more meters along the Irish pub, you will find Balmers hostel in the same direction, on the right side of the street.


Good job !! You did it.
– Love, Balmers –


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