Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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+ 41 33 822 1961

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In a few words...


Balmer’s Pension has been operating since 1907. It is currently in the 3rd generation of the Balmer’s family. Frida and Adolf Balmer, originally started the operation as a “Touristenheim” (tourist house). The name Balmer’s Herberge was born in 1945. The couple started accommodating British school groups in the 50ies.

Erich Balmer, 2nd generation, came back from working in the USA and Canada and transformed the “Touristenheim” into a private hostel in the 70’s. It started off with 50 beds, but quickly rose to 350. Together with Katharina Balmer they successfully run the business for over 30 years, helping Interlaken grow into an international tourist destination. Young people from all over the world came to stay at Balmer’s.

Today the management and ownership of the hostel lies with the 3rd generation, daughters Fabienne and Carmen Balmer. They continue to manage the hostel for the ever evolving travel industry while continuing to provide friendly, clean, Swiss Quality accommodation!

What to Expect

Balmers Hostel is the main hostel set in a typical Swiss Chalet. It has several different dorm and private room types, and it is open the whole year.
Balmers Tent Village is a short 10 to 15 min walk from the main hostel and is open during the summer season only. The tents/rooms are large, weather proof marquees on a wooden base with a high ceiling, ample room for your luggage and set in a lovely rural area surrounded by mountains. A unique experience!

How to Reach Balmers

By foot

From Ost; Straight out of the station keeping the Coop Supermarket on you left hand side, straight through 2 traffic circles and keep following the brown signs to Balmer’s.

From West; Left out of the station and follow the main street, turn right at the traffic circle by the post office and follow the brown signs to Balmer’s

By bus

From West train station bus number 105 to the Hotel Sonne
From the Ost station bus number 104 stop Hotel Tell
Once you are here all our guests will receive a free bus pass for their duration of their stay!


Free Parking Available a short walk away and pay-parking available across the street from Balmers.

Our Super Wonder Staff

Balmers Staff
Dean is ambitious,sarcastic, loud, funny and strong willed.  He is the one to ask if you need to know any outdoorsy stuff.
Balmers Staff
Dorje is our loveable hostel clown all the way from Tibet, he is loud, funny and loves to wind people up and playing jokes.
Balmers Staff
If you need to have a giggle then head over to Jackie and her quick wit will sort you out, also if you need an honest opinion on something she will give you that too! 
Balmers Staff
Jan is the organizer and doer, he is fun, ambitious and energetic, at some point during your stay you will see him long striding around the Hostel, probably building something.
Balmers Staff
Richard is another outdoorsy one, he knows great mountain biking trails. As soon as the sun comes out he is jumping off his snowboard and straight onto his bike, riding through the most beautiful places imaginable.
Balmers Staff
Lara is bright, warm, fun and creative, her mind works a thousand miles an hour and she is always coming up with fresh ideas and solutions.
Balmers Staff
Rosalie is the Mother hen here at Balmers. She takes care of all of us, she is warm, fun, bubbly and strong, she is always working hard.
Balmers Staff
You will find Christiana as part of the Housekeeping team, always smiling ! She is from Portugal so if you speak portuguese have a look for her!
Balmers Staff
Part of the Dutchies team, Mark is A flame ball of pure Dutch energy. This guy will fill your bellies with sizzling food from the Balmers Grill!
Balmers Staff
The other Dutchies, feeling hungry? Go ask them for their BBQ beer Garten specials! Cold drinks, great food and friendly vibes from June 1st to ed of September!!
Balmers Staff
Another British member part of our team as an all-rounder/receptionist/fondue king. Luke is a fountain of stories, he has run bars, clubs, worked on Husky farms, hitchhiked to Africa, jumped out of planes.
Balmers Staff
He is from Australia, and loves living in Switzerland. In the winter you will find him in the snowpark doing tricks and pushing boundaries on his snowboard and this summer he wants to be where all the action is!
Balmers Staff
She’s from Sri Lanka and you can always hear her laughing when she’s working on the floors part of housekeeping. She has been a long standing member of Balmers and we all love her!
Balmers Staff
Very laid back and chilled Ronnie can be found serving your breakfast and making sure you have great vibes playing to wake you up in the morning!

Wanna Join the Fun...?

would you like to work at balmers ?

Please send  your resume, with a recent color photograph and references. Do you have any further questions? Please read through our FAQ as we may already have an answer for you! Alternatively contact us through our contact forms.


or simply send us your resume by email at