Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub Camping Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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+ 41 33 822 1961

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September 08th

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September 09th

The event exploded right from the start and is now the world’s major mountain marathon. Around half the competitors come from Switzerland, with the rest coming from over 50 countries and all five continents. The Jungfrau Marathon covers the traditional distance of 42,195 km, with a gruelling, stamina-testing 1800 m difference in altitude up to the foot of the Jungfrau.
The course begins on Interlaken’s Höheweg, directly between the Grand-Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau and the Höhematte meadow with its world-famous views of the Jungfrau. The “Ultimate Guide to International Marathons” has rated the course as the “World’s Most Beautiful Marathon”.
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