Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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Visiting Interlaken on a budget

Saving money &
visiting Interlaken

Switzerland is known to be one of the most expensive country in the world, but don’t worry, we have some tips and tricks that will help you enjoy your time in Interlaken on a budget. Here is our inside, local recommendations to save money during your holiday in town.

When is the best time to visit Interlaken, if you are on a tight budget ?

That is THE question that can make you save tons of money. You must know that this famous mountain destination has two big peak seasons.

One during winter, for all the snow fun activities up top in the mountains and the other one, during summer in the valley for all the extreme sports. There is still a lot of special package deals during high season with very good prices, but you surely get more out of your money, if you avoid the peak of those two periods. (check out our low season deals)


Winter Season

Let’s say you still want to enjoy winter in Interlaken and that you are interested in skiing as well as experiencing a traditional evening with delicious fondue and/or raclette when the night comes. Your best bet, to bring the cost down, is to buy you trip at least a month in advance. Similarly, if you want to be in town during December or January, you must plan several months in advance in order to avoid the higher pricing closer to Christmas and New Year season. But most importantly, if you find a deal within your budget range, don’t hesitate, the price will most surely not go lower than that. At Balmers Hostel, we have very nice winter adventure package and affordable all-you-can-eat raclette & fondue night, for you to discover.


Summer season

For those who crave summer time and the sun at one of the lakes, booking your holidays in Interlaken a month in advance is a must. Be aware that the month of August is the most crowded (and therefore the most pricy), so book well in advance if you still want to join the fun during this period.


What are the cheap accommodations in Interlaken?


Balmers hostel is of course the best place you can find. With prices starting from 29CHF for a bed in a dorm with breakfast included, you can’t go wrong by booking your cheap journey in Interlaken at our historical hostel. Oh, but wait! We have hammocks too, that are even cheaper… But shhhh, don’t tell anyone, they go out quite fast.



One other option available for you, budget lover, is camping. Imagine waking up with the view of the Jungfrau, but still be near all the fun and services from the city of Interlaken. Different options are available. At Balmers Tent Village, we offer relaxed style accommodations / camping with private doubles, triples, and dormitory walk-in tents. Oh, but wait! Did you know you can also pitch your own tent for only 12CHF.



Have you ever heard of CouchSurfing ? It is a hospitality service and social networking website. It provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at someone’s home for free. It enables you to host travellers, meet other members, or join an event in your local area (where you live or where you are travelling to). It is a great way to meet local people and to have a wonderful & different experience of the country.


If you like to hike, you can use this other cheap option to sleep along the way of your journey in the Swiss alps. Do you feel adventurous?


What are the cheap activities in Interlaken?

If you want to find nice activities on a budget, not to worry, you can always find some in town that will not break the bank. Interlaken is the go-to destination for free activities: go hike on the top of mountains, bike along rivers or swim in the refreshing lakes are all options that are available at no extra cost. Only you, Interlaken and the outdoor. You can also check out our article about 5 Free activities to do in Interlaken.

There is two super fun & cheap activities we suggest during your stay in Interlaken. First of, you can participate in a chocolate workshop and going back home with your self made swiss chocolate bar. Be ready to have lots of fun and some chocolate all over your face. The price for this activity starts around 65 CHF.


The other affordable option is going from trees to trees during a high ropes course. Open all year round, this budget activity is suitable for the entire family and prices start from 39CHF for adults.

Oh, but wait! During summer time, you can also rent paddle boards, kayaks and pedalos from 20CHF. There is a lots of very interesting and cheap cultural visits that can be done if you feel more quiet.


What are the cheap eating options in Interlaken?

The best way to save money during your trip in Switzerland is to cook your own meals. Simply, go grocery shopping and cook your meal of a lifetime. To do so, you have different options in town.

  • The cheapest : Lidl
  • The closest from the hostel: COOP
  • The closest from the tent village: Denner or Spar (more expensive)

If you crave some nice food to enjoy outside during summer season, then your cheapest option is the Biergarten at Balmers. And also, during winter season, you have to have a taste at our delicious cheese fondue, it is the best place to savour a real Swiss experience.

biergarten balmers interlaken

Oh, but wait! We have also made a compilation of our staffs favourite budget restaurants around Interlaken. You must check it out: Cheap restaurants in Interlaken.

One other solution to bring the budget down when visiting Intelraken, is to drink water from the fountain you can find everywhere in town for free. Fill up your water bottle with this pure refreshing water and keep the money in your pocket.

Finally, if you are going on a hike deep in the mountains, you might find some cheeses to sell along your way with a honesty box next to it. The honesty box means that there is nobody present to take your money, you simply take what you want and put the according amount in a little container. Sweet, isn’t it?


Finally, what are the budget transportations in Interlaken?

As a guest at Balmers Hostel, you will receive a bus card that enables you to go all around Interlaken, for free !!

If you want to go further and still want to reduce your budget down, you can try hitchhiking. It is worth trying. People living here knows how expensive it is to take the train and will be happy to give you a ride. It is also a good way to meet local people too.

To visit other cities and go even further, why not doing some car pooling. It is a cheap and good way to travel around Switzerland.

yellow train to jungfrau interlaken

But Switzerland is really easy to travel by train and it will give you the most incredible views you can’t even imagine. But rest assure, it can be very expensive. In order to overcome this, there is a lot of different options and packages you can buy. We suggest you to visit the which offers the most comprehensive information on money-saving travel passes.


Have a wonderful time in Interlaken.
– Love, Balmers –


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