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Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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5 free activities to do in Interlaken


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Discover Interlaken for free

Yes, we know Switzerland is kind of expensive. However, at Balmers, we thought about you and found five great activities to enjoy in Interlaken for free.

1. Free Hike & free view

Have you seen that big bridge walking in the emptiness from the top of the mountain over from Balmers? Well that one is called Harder Kulm. And from there, you have an amazing view of the surrounding and it is the perfect spot to immortalize your stay in Interlaken.

Two options are available, the easy one, is taking the funicular that cost 30 CHF but with Balmers guest card it’s only 20CHF go and return. Or the free option is to hike to the top. From Balmers Hostel, walk to the start of the funicular. When you are there, on the left side of the building you will see signs that are indicating you the way to the top. It is around two hours to climb up and some parts are a bit harder, especially when it is hot and sunny, but the view at the top is definitely worth the effort. And don’t forget, there is a restaurant where you can rewards yourself with a good beer or a glass of coke when you reach the summit. From the top, you can also start different very nice other free hikes. Ask around or one of our super crew at reception for more information.

harder kulm hike interlaken


2. Free swimming spot

During summer time, at Balmers Tent Village, we provide for free, tandem and funny bikes to cycle around. Why not borrow one and bike to the lake Brienz or lake Thun in order to take a dip in the water. The water is crystal clear and super refreshing. I recommend to grab some snacks at the grocery store and have the best picnic ever. You can also take some veggies to feed the ducks (please remember that bread is not good for them).


3. Free natural reserve

A very nice and pleasant walk is the one going to the Neuhaus Nature Century. There, you will have to be quiet and respectful of the natural beauty and scenery that surrounds you. At the end of you walk, you will arrive at the Neuhaus Club just near the lake Thun, where you can rent a pedalo or a long board to chill on the lake. A lot of fun guaranteed !!


4. Free guided tour

A very nice way to spend a free day in Interlaken is by joining the Interlaken free walking tour. Every day at 5:45pm a local guide will pass by the reception of Balmers hostel to take the guests that want to join the tour. During two hours, you will be guided around the nice city of Interlaken and learn about all the little anecdotes that only local people knows. Your guide will give you all the recommendations you should have for an amazing stay.

walking tour

5. Free walk & history

Did you know that a high-quality drinking water flows from 18 village fountains all year around in Interlaken ? This water is coming from the Aletsch region (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) and meets the most stringent standards for drinking water. The Brunnenweg (the Fountain Trail) tells you the story of our fountains and invites you to think about the importance of water in our life.

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Now go & explore Interlaken!
– Love Balmers –


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