Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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+ 41 33 822 1961

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Discover the onion Festival in Bern

The Onion Market

Have you ever heard about an onion festival?!
Neither did I, but in Switzerland, this traditional folk festival is held every year on the fourth Monday of November.

It’s all about onions

For this event, the whole town of Bern practically closes down, and people take to the streets.

onion09  onion15  onion20

At 5 am the market opens and farmers from all over the area come with their onions and garlic nicely breaded and funny onions’ sculptures.

onion 08  onion05  onion04

You will be able to taste a lot of delicious onion food such as onion pie, onion soup, and much more. Accompanied by mulled wine, it is the best winter food to warm you up.

onion01  onion13

Save the date for next year (November 27th), so you will not miss it!!

onion02  onion18  onion06

How to get there ? From Balmers Hostel, you are only a few minutes away from the train station where you can take a direct train to Bern.

Happy onion Festival !
– Love, Balmers –


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