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Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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A sunny day in Interlaken

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What to do during a hot and sunny day in Interlaken ?

Bright and shine, today is a sunny day and you are going to have an amazing time in Interlaken, Switzerland. No excuses, the Swiss Alps under the sun is a moment you can’t miss !

Need some freshness?

First of all, a sunny day in the Swiss Alps means refreshing yourself in glacier water. Keep in mind that when the sun is burning, so are you.
We suggest you to have a dip at Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. They both have fresh, pure and clear water in which you can swim and chill. Rent bikes or use the ones from the Tent village and keep on riding to the turquoise waters coming from the glacier.

Tip: Ask a receptionist to indicate you his or her little secret chill spot at the Lake. They all have one 😉


You can also rent kayaks and find a remote beach just for you. Buy a disposal barbecue from the supermarket with delicious sausages (we sell South African style sausages at Balmers Tent Village Bar) and invite your new friends to have a chill afternoon with you and your toes in the water.

For the speedy ones, you should definitely try the jet boat. You will ride on the turquoise water of lake Brienz and see some marvelous waterfalls. For the same price, you will even have a new hair style!

If you are more the challenging kind, why not experiencing a rafting trip or exploring hidden gorges, rappel and jumping in water falls during a canyoning trip. The Outdoor team are super fun and they will definitely make your day spectacular!


Want some air?

Experience a life changing moment during a skydiving free fall. You can jump from a plane or a helicopter and live this unique moment you may never live again.

Or you could glide in the sky like a bird. Comfortably seated with your instructor behind you. Simply let go and feel the air playing with your hair. Everything becomes so quiet as you slowly come down. Paragliding is so peaceful and relaxing, but at the same time, so emotional and deep.

Tip: Pssst, check out our special fall and spring deals for paragliding.


Hanggliding is flying in its purest form. Fast, super fast, super super fast, just like a dream. Catch thermals and up-drafts, experience wing-overs, stalls, dives or just a simple easy float over Interlaken. Are you ready?


You’ve said sun ?

What is the best way to enjoy a sunny day then walking outside and working your tan while exploring the richness of the Swiss Alps.

There is plenty of amazing walks and hikes to do around Interlaken such as the Harder Kulm. To have more info ask our Super Crew at Balmers Hostel reception for the hike map of the area.


If you want to go higher you should go and discover Schiltorn or even better, the top of Europe named Jungfraujoch. Don’t forget to take some sun screen. The eternal snow at the top, plus the reflexion of the sun will burn your skin without a doubt, really, really fast.


After this hard emotional day, I really recommend you to have an ice cold beer at the Grill & Chill Bar and maybe, a delicious Swiss burger to sum up those adventures in beauty.


Take it easy and enjoy your time, live is short.
Love, Balmers


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