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Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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A rainy day in Interlaken

What can I do in Interlaken when it is raining cats and dogs?

This morning you woke up with all the joy of starting a new amazing day in Interlaken. You had planned a lot of activities and you were ready to go through all of your limits. However, today, it’s raining hard and that is changing all of your plans.

But remember, a little rain never hurt anyone

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Take it easy, at Balmers we have planned the perfect happy rainy day ever.

Our journey starts downstairs, at the breakfast area, with a big bowl of cereals or a fresh smoothie to add some vitamins in your body.

Here are different options for you:

➤ For the fit ones, we recommend you to check the yoga studio next door, and their schedule for the day.

➤ For the epicureans, we suggest you to book a course at Funky Chocolate Club where you will learn about Swiss chocolate and of course taste your self-made chocolate bar.


➤ For the more adventurous ones, you should definitely try the mystery room activity. Have you ever wanted to play a Clue game in real life ? This is the place. You will be locked in a room and you will have one hour to find some clues to get out. Good luck!

If a little bit of rain doesn’t scare you off, you can also go to the Seil Park and hike in the sky. The park is always open and since you will be under the trees, it is a really good activity to book even if the sun is not available. However, if it’s really raining too much, you should then try some indoor climbing at K44.


➤ For the chill ones, Switzerland is also known for their watches and Swiss army knifes, why not enjoy this rainy day in Interlaken and do some souvenirs shopping for you, friends and/or family. A very nice street to buy souvenirs from is the main street of Interlaken where you will find 17 watch stores! Another alternative, if you are interested about buying a Swiss army knife, is to buy it right at Balmers’ reception. We have a special promotion for all our guests, which is -20% on every army knife. So don’t hesitate, come and talk to us, we’ll manage a good deal for you.

After spending some money well invested, the perfect way to move on with your day is to have a warm cup of tea or coffee.


Here are some nice places we recommend:
Café de Paris, the best french café in Interlaken
Ristorante Isetta. It is new and very cute, you can have a drink there, but the food is only served on weekend evenings. They also have second hand stalls once a month.
Altstadt teehaus in Unterseen, a little tea house.
Lade Lokal
– For hot chocolate, you should go to the Funky Chocolate Club. They know chocolate…
– Behind Outdoor Interlaken, there is a new art gallery called Unterdorf Attelier and Jerry, the owner gives out free coffees

And to be even more relax, why not going to the spa at the indoor swimming pool Bodeli Bad.

To finish this big day in beauty, let’s drive like crazy at the Go karting in Matten or why not drop some pins at the Interlaken Bowling center.


Have a nice rainy day !
Love, Balmers


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