Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub


Balmers Hostel, Camping & Nightclub

Balmers Herberge

Hauptstrasse 23 – 33
CH 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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A cloudy day in Interlaken

In the mountain, the weather changes really fast so keep hope, the sun might bright up earlier than you expect.

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Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

Wow, a cloudy day. It is the perfect day to walk around and do some sporty activities without sweating too much.


Free Activities

If you feel like relaxing, take a good book and spend a couple of hours in our hammocks room swinging and reading or even better, go chill in Balmers Hot Tub !! Warm and cozy, even if it is cloudy, you will sure have a goooood time.


Or else, take the time to explore the city of Interlaken by foot or by bike. The old town of Interlaken is very cute and close by too. Why not use this day to buy some souvenirs or just wander around and take a coffee or a tea at Café de Paris.


More Freebies in Interlaken

If you would like to have a free guided walking tour, we recommend you to be ready at 5:45 pm at Balmers Hostel’s reception to be picked up by a local guide that will walk you around the city. You will learn a lot about Interlaken and they will tell you all about the history of the city and also share their local point of views. They are always full of tips and really helpful if you have any questions.

If you want to take advantage of this cloudy day and go hikking, you could go on the top of the Harder Kulm from where you will have an impressive view over Interlaken. The way is pretty steep but not that long and maybe you will arrive above the clouds!



A very nice and cheap activity (11 CHF) is going to visit The Trümmelbach falls. The water comes from the glacial wall of the Eiger, Mönch and the Jungfrau and goes trough the mountain in ten glacial waterfalls. Very impressive and relax activity for this cloudy day.


If you are feeling chilly and need a little warm-up, we recommend to book a make-your-own-chocolate-bar class at Funky Chocolate Club. There, you will have the chance to create your own masterpiece and return home with your self-made chocolate creations.


The new trendy activity is to book your way up to the via ferrata. If you don’t know what it is, well, a via ferrata is a lateral hike on a rock wall. It is a combination between climbing and walking on a protected and secure rock route. Don’t worry, you will be fully equipped to live this experience in completely safe conditions. You will have access to some of the most amazing spots around Interlaken, that you would never have been able to reach and feel what it’s like to be a professional climber.



Some little cloud will not stop you from flying like a bird. Go paraglide, skydive, hangglide or bungy jump and experiment this moment of peace in the sky.


One of the coolest activities to do around Interlaken is the high rope course. During a couple of hours, you will be able to walk at the top of the trees in an amazing forest. Equipped with wooden bridges, Tarzan swings and zip lines, you will be like Peter Pan in his own tree houses village.


Now, you just need to make a choice.

I whish you a wonderful cloudy day in Interlaken.
Love, Balmers


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